An Introduction- Part 2

It’s been almost two years since my original introductory post so I thought a reintroduction is in order.

Hi, I’m Bec and I’m a student speech pathologist. I’m now 20 and in my third year of university. I still like lists so here’s another one:

  • I’m still learning the piano and have now finished my Grade 8 certificate.
  • I’ve managed to go to a lot more concerts over the past two years.
  • I’ve also managed to travel, only to Tasmania but it’s a start!
  • And of course I still have Type 1 Diabetes.

I’d like to use this space to write about a number of topics, diabetes or otherwise. I hope you can join me and share some of your experiences along the way!

If you have a story you wish to share or would like to ask me a question please email Trapeze on