As you get older, your GP becomes even more important in helping you manage your health condition. You will start to form your own relationship with your GP.

Tips for finding a GP

Just so you know, we also educate GPs so they can be more youth friendly. You can share this video with your GP as it has some really helpful and practical tips for them.



Finding the right GP for you is extremely important, but can sometimes be a struggle. Here you can find some helpful hints and tips to help you find a GP that suits your needs. Having a chronic condition can be stressful, but with the right GP it becomes easier and simpler.

Questions to ask yourself

Young people have come up with these questions to see if your GP is right for you. It is important to feel comfortable with your doctor and these questions can help you determine whether your doctor fits your need for not only your condition, but all aspects of your health.  You can even ask these questions about all your health professionals.