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Whether you’re working in a child or adult health environment, supporting young people with chronic conditions aged 14-25 years can lay the foundation for their future wellbeing and engagement with health services.

Adolescence is a critical time when a young person is starting to make more decisions about their own health care and these decisions can have far-reaching implications for their health development. 

The World Health Organisation has recognised the importance of adolescent health in their 2014 publication, “Health for the World’s Adolescents: A second chance in the second decade”. They emphasise that what happens during adolescence can affect health in the adult years, and ultimately the health and development of the next generation.

For these reasons, we believe that transition is everyone’s business.

We have dedicated this section of the website to assist you to improve your processes, practices and policies in adolescent health. Together, we can make a difference to young people’s lives by ensuring they get the care they need. 

Here is a guide to good practice in caring for young people with chronic conditions.