Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Perx Study

The Sydney Children's Hospital Network has partnered with Perx Health to run a self-management study for young people with chronic conditions. Using digital technology, behavioural science and health management strategies, Perx enables and empowers users to better manage their health including appointments, medications and health choices. 

Young people aged 15-19 living with a chronic condition may be eligible to participate in this study, which includes free access to the full version of the Perx app.

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How does the app work?

Users can schedule their health tasks (follow-up for results, pick-up prescriptions, attend appointments and adhere to medications) in the Perx app and receive reminders to complete tasks when they are due.

Perx integrates several motivators into users’ daily schedule including education, games, coaching and rewards. Each time a user completes all their tasks, they have the chance to win real rewards (up to $25 gift cards).

The set-up process is very simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes. 

Who is this program for?

The program is designed to provide additional support to young people (aged 15-19) at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network who have a chronic condition that they have lived with for more than 2 years, and their condition requires ongoing medical attention and regular active self-management. Participants need to have been managing their conditions for at least 2 years to be eligible to participate.

What does the science say?

Perx is one of the few digital vendors who have demonstrated clinical effectiveness in peer-reviewed publications, including an analysis of adult Perx users conducted by the University of Technology Sydney which found a 90% medication adherence rate over 12 months. These results have been published in the peer-reviewed journal, JMIR*. There is more research currently underway evaluating the clinical effectiveness of Perx, with promising preliminary results. Our study is being conducted to find out if Perx is effective in helping young people manage their chronic condition.

*Impact Of A Multicomponent Digital Therapeutic Mobile App On Medication Adherence In Patients With Chronic Conditions: Retrospective Analysis". JMIR Preprints, 2021,

What else does the Perx Health Study offer patients?

  • Health promotion and education

Condition-specific education integrated into patient's daily schedules. Patients can learn science-based facts about their condition while managing their health from the Perx home screen. 

  • Better user engagement

Perx uses games, community boards, education, prizes and challenges to engage and motivate users. With the knowledge that each person is motivated differently, Perx uses behavioural science techniques to match the needs of every user. 

  • Powerful data 

Users can monitor their own analytics in their personalised health dashboard and can monitor their progress over time.

How do I register?

If you are interested in participating in this study then please get in touch for more information.

Email: Phone: 0419 495 098 or register now.

Privacy and Data

The Perx app used cloud infrastructure (databases, servers etc.) hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services are the largest provider of cloud hosting services globally and provide such infrastructure reliably and securely. All data transfers are encrypted and the company uses industry-standard authentication methods. 

The app uses Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (cryptographic protocols) and cipher suites (a set of algorithms that help secure a network connection). All data that is stored is encrypted at rest. Data storage and retention policies conform to the Australian Privacy Principles and the requirements of relevant industry codes of practice. 

Perx will collect all data entered into the app for the purposes of this study. Encrypted data from the app will be shared with the research team to enable data linkage via secure file transfer service.

Perx will remove any personal information, side from the patient's email address from the data before transfer. 

Ethics Approval

This study has been approved by the SCHN Human Research Ethics Committee (2020/ETH02065)